The studio Gearbox has finally unveiled the first images of its highly anticipated “Borderlands 3”. A universe still as crazy, punk and grunge in the vein of Mad Max, but much more funny and full of references to Pop culture. Images ! Gearbox Software Released in 2009 and developed by the studio texan Gearbox, Borderlands was a game that mixes role-playing and first-person shooter, in which four adventurers badass and charismatic took to the research of a famous Ark on the planet of Pandora, which is supposed to contain all the treasures of the universe. Mixing the game of first-person shooter and hack’n’slash in an open world with an atmosphere of inspiration, wild-west post-apocalyptic world, reminiscent of Mad Max, in a much more funny and barre, the studio was hit very hard with its title. Even more so with its sequel, Borderlands 2, and its wicked awesome, Handsome Jack, which sold several million copies. Supplemented with other Spin-Off videogame, the franchise Borderlands is a great cash machine for its developer and its publisher, 2K. If in 2015, we learned that Lionsgate lorgnait the license in the prospect of doing a film adaptation, this is not always this side that things are moving, but the radius video game. Gearbox has officially announced, during a panel held at Pax East, Borderlands 3, with a great Trailer, strikethrough, and funny, in the vein of its predecessors. The fans will be in heaven, finding their characters, fetishes, new villains, super villains, guns on legs (!), the hilarious and lovable robot Clap-Trap, loot galore, and dialogues staged with onions, and even the hero Brick to the mustache thick playing the sax. All in a great universe, destroy and Punk in the cell Shading, packed full of homages and references to Pop culture. Looking forward to the release of the game. No rest for the brutasses !

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